Owner & Chief Instructor

My dad, a Chicago police officer, enrolled my brother and me into karate when we were 6 and 5 years old. As a child, I felt self-conscious and shy. I wore braces on my legs to straighten out my feet. Karate helped tremendously with developing my coordination and self-confidence. My coordination and self-confidence became the foundation in my life that not only allowed my brother and me to avoid fights as children but, even more significantly, to earn football scholarships to colleges. After college, I joined a Kempo school and received my Black belt in 1982.
A 35-year marriage, 30-year career in business, three daughters and two grandsons have prepared me to truly enjoy teaching martial arts. Communicating high expectations with patience gets results.


Sensei Miguel, Senior Instructor

At the age of 7, I saw my first Bruce Lee movie, Return of the Dragon. I remember thinking I had never seen anything like it. At that moment, I knew I had to become a martial artist. Throughout the years I trained in boxing, Shotokan karate and a little Akido before finding Kempo. Being a tall skinny kid during my school years and having been bullied, this helped me gain confidence and learn how to defend myself. I entered my first karate tournament at the age of 22. I was so nervous I almost didn't do it. I ended up taking first place.
I still compete today but I enjoy teaching most of all.